2022 is almost over! Back in the water

I know it has been a while since I last posted. So much has gone on in the world and it seems a little bit is back to normal. Underwater all is well. One positive benefit of the health crisis on land was the reduction in the human footprint underwater and this gave it a chance to “take a breath” and recover. The cruise ships were absent for a while here which really gave the reefs a chance to recover from the environmental insults that they produce. I’ve been in the water much during October and into November and what I see is promising. We still need to work towards understanding the impact of global warming and the effects a few degrees make as well as the impact from chemicals – sunscreens – on the reefs. Here in Cozumel any use is frowned upon and it has become more the normal.

We also are seeing the usual cast of characters we see – both big and small – 

as well as some actively working to increase their #s! 

I did sell my older rig – Canon 7DII and after trial and error went with a full frame mirrorless camera – Nikon Z7 II. I am still acclimating to it along with new INON strobes but so far I really like the setup. Working on fine tuning the buoyancy of the rig and will share more once that is put together.

I hope to be back in the water again soon and will share any that come of that visit. As always, feel free to comment and remember any image is available to purchase via the ecommerce setup on the site. My latest shots are always available at: https://www.bluewaterprism.com/latest-images/



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