A Great Start to a New Year

So for the first dives of the year we decided to mix it up a little. We initially wanted to go south as the Cozumel Marine Park was now open but weather kept us towards the northern end of the park. We were not disappointed and found turtles, great scenery and the usual cast of critters, including several juvenile drum fish.

As well as slipping over to an area where we found flying gunards! First time I have seen them here.

For the second day we decided to do some macro diving. We went to a site called San Clemente which as several areas that are great for macro as well as a really nice wall that often is not visited a lot. We elected to go to the shallow, grassy area, further in than most dives are conducted. There we were not let down. The area has a lot of little holes and cracks for critters to hide and we saw the most morays – spotted and goldentail – together than I have seen in a while. Every other hole we looked in had an eel. Very exciting.

Also found a lot of little crabs and many squat shrimp in their usual anemones.

The rest can be found at https://www.bluewaterprism.com/2020-january/. Heading out again tomorrow so more to be found…..


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