A New Website for Blue Water Prism!

I know it has been a while since I posted – we’ve all been isolated and limited in our activities because of the pandemic. Well, on top of that my site crashed (not totally sure why – maybe a ‘virus’) – so to make lemonade out of it I decided that rather than just restore it from a back up I’d give it a whole new look. I am using a newer theme template and have reorganized the file structure for the pictures. So rather than just by place and dates, the images are organized by main topics, like Fish, Divers, Macro, Seahorses, Wrecks, Critters and others as well as by Land, Underwater and by Country. I hope this will make navigation smoother as you look through it. Please let me know what you think as customization is fairly simple with this theme that I am using. 

I think the last time I was diving in Cozumel was February, just before all the issues developed. So here are a few from that trip – I hope to be back in the water soon!!

Midnight Parottfish, Cozumel, Underwater photography
Midnight Parrotfish
Octopus, night dive, Cozumel
Octopus seen on a night dive in Cozumel
Spotted Eagle Ray, Cozumel, Underwater photography
Spotted Eagle Ray


More to come – Enjoy the new site and please comment


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