Jay Pomerantz - Photographer at Blue Water Prism taking photo of life around the coral reef.


Jay Pomerantz, photographer and owner of Blue Water Prism Photography, began photography as a hobby in the 1970′s experimenting with techniques, different films and darkroom processing, while being active in environmental work. Scuba diving entered his life in the late 1970′s while working with someone who was an avid diver and photographer. This mentor convinced him to take up scuba diving. He didn’t combine the two passions until around 2000 and has been taking photos of the undersea and terrestrial world since.

His goal is to share these images and increase other’s passion for these different views of our world, our endangered environment and what we need to do to continue to protect these valuable resources. Please enjoy them by clicking here. If you would like to purchase or license images, please use our shopping cart or contact me here.

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