Sharks and Rays and Seahorse….oh my…..

This week was fun. Saw more in one day than usually in several. We went to Palancar Bricks for the first dive and was greeted by a friendly spotted eagle ray who decided to hang […]

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This week was a little different..

So the diving this week was to a site I had not been to in over 6 years – the wreck of the C53 Felipe Xicotencatl near the Chankanaab Marine Park. The ship was the former […]

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Back in the water…’s Spring

So this is my 4th time this month in the water and the diving has been nothing but spectacular. Sailfin blenny ( a bit shy) Juvenile trunk fish           The eagle […]

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It’s Spring in Cozumel!!

So winter has past, the short one that it was and thankfully so. It tended to be a wet one and we had a few nortes to keep us on land and out of the […]

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This week – a norte and cold water (for Cozumel)

The past week or so here has been a bit chilly. We have been dealing with several nortes impacting the weather and as such the ability to get out and dive.  So you ask…what is […]

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Start of a New Year

¡Feliz año nuevo! from Cozumel. I know I haven’t posted in quite a while – some personal issues required some time away from the water and diving. I finally was able to get back in […]

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Winter Diving in Cozumel

One of the best things about being able to dive 12 months of the year is you get to see the different populations of creatures that come and go depending on the water temperature. In […]

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Color or Black & White???

When I post images that have been converted to black and white digitally I am sometimes asked what the color image looks like. In a way it is comparing like comparing golden and red delicious […]

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December diving – all things big and little

This has been a great month diving here in Cozumel. What makes it special is we get to see large creatures like spotted eagle rays           and our favorites – turtles […]

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Eagle Rays are here!!

So now that hurricane season is officially over and thankfully we did not have any severe weather this year, the water has begun to cool off and that means…return of the spotted eagle rays. Spotted eagle […]

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