Fun in February

Well, it’s been a little while since I posted – have been accumulating some shots from this month to share. The weather here has been a little strange – warmer winter than usual, lots of […]

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A Great Day Diving

So after a norte with brisk winds and port closure in the am yesterday afternoon turned out to be a fantastic time to dive. We went to Palancar bricks, an all time favorite     […]

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More fun in Cozumel in Winter time

It’s winter here in Cozumel and that means more cruise ships 🙁 but cooler weather and water and chances to see eagle rays, sharks and turtles. This lat week we were not as successful as […]

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Last dive in October

So it’s the end of the month and the last dive was, well, as great as the others!! We went to Punta Tuniche (the wall part to start) and Yucab this time. Like the past […]

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Always something new…

This week was fun. We went out the other day and saw a few things I hadn’t seen here before. I actually am trying to find out what type of crab this is  – was […]

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Always full of surprises….

The past few weeks have been full of surprises in Cozumel. We even saw a large eagle ray do a fly by – early this year!         And a magnificent loggerhead turtle! […]

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A New Look

Hi – a quick post to let you all take a look at the new look I changed to over the last couple of days. By changing the home page display the images will load […]

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It’s Rainy Season

So this time of year is rainy season and officially “hurricane” season. So far we have been very fortunate to not have had any bad storms here. It’s not over and October sometimes is a […]

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Cozumel in the Summer time

Back in Cozumel for a bit  – summer is a good time to be in the water as the temperatures get into the 90s along with the humidity. It has rained daily, usually towards the […]

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Back from Grand Cayman

So as promised here are my photos from Grand Cayman. I spent the week at Sunset House and dove with their op – Sunset Divers. Large boats with 10-16 people but never felt crowded. It […]

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