Underwater Photography

I am accepting reservations for classes both for beginners as well as those further along in their photography journey.

As a scuba diver, your friends always ask what it is like – now there is a way to share your excitement with them. Our Underwater Photography Class gives you the skill to take quality images that you can share and remember your dives with. And with digital technology easily available, it is much simpler.

Anyone can take “snap shots” while diving.  Blue Water Prism wants you to take photographs.  Learn from a professional photographer who can help you to get the most out of any underwater digital camera and in no time you will be on your way to creating great images!

During the course you will learn good habits (photographic and scuba) as well as a basic understanding of techniques to shoot good underwater images. Your instructor has experience using digital camera systems, from point-and-shoot to digital single lens reflex cameras as well as being an expert at shooting local marine life.

The best way to learn photography is to have a hands-on experience. Our course has a lecture and a practical part. The lecture portion of the course, over 3.5 hours, focuses on important concepts and techniques. When you hit the water, you understand how your camera works and your subjects think and will react to you. Covered is proper preparation and care of the equipment, exposure, white balance, lighting and composition. You then will go on several dives to practice your skills, along with your instructor.  The two review sessions with your instructor are where you will gain insight into how to improve your shots.

At the end you will receive a flash drive with your images on it to take home with you.


Minimum 16 years of age

Open water certification (Advanced preferred) and excellent buoyancy skills (bring your C card!)

Waterproof camera in underwater housing rated at 100 feet (30 meters) or more – at this time we do not rent camera gear

**Dive gear, if needed, should be rented for an additional fee from your dive operator – we do not do this

Course Fees                  $250 per person

Course Schedule:        

Day 1 afternoon:          Introduction to photography concepts – 1.5 hr

Day 2 afternoon:          2 – dives to practice taking images

Day 3 afternoon:          Review of previous day’s pictures – 1 hr

Day 4 afternoon:          2 – dives to practice taking images

Day 5 afternoon:          Final review of previous day’s pictures – 1 hr

Course size       minimum 2 persons – maximum 5 persons

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