It’s Rainy Season

So this time of year is rainy season and officially “hurricane” season. So far we have been very fortunate to not have had any bad storms here. It’s not over and October sometimes is a bit rough. Rainy season gives us a good downpour on a daily basis but sometimes it is on the other side of the island so we do not experience it here in town. Despite this the dive conditions have been fantastic – no wind with flat seas which has let us the last week or so go to the more southern end sites that are tough to get to when the wind kicks up – that means Punta Sur and Columbia – two favorites. They are deep and more advanced dives. Over the last 2-3 weeks we have made a couple of trips there and have not been disappointed. Along with second and third tanks at the more shallow sites –  Paso de Cedral, Punta Tuniche, Delilah, La Francesca, Santa Rosa Shallows and Yucab  we have been greeted by amazing life.

There have been several juvenile trunkfish





Many hawksbill turtles, including one that was wounded a while ago but gets along fine






Lots of schools of fish to photograph






And even 2 lobsters mating






The full gallery has been loaded and can be found at or use this link:

Enjoy! More to come in a week or so.


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